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Finding Cheap Flights

finding cheap flights

    cheap flights
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finding cheap flights - Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester

Jamal Wallas is a 16-year-old basketball star with a secret passion for writing. William Forrester is a famous, reclusive novelist who is angry at the world. After an unexpected meeting, Forrester becomes Jamal's unlikely mentor and both men learn lessons from each other about the importance of friendship.

Finding Forrester could have been a shallow variant of The Karate Kid, congratulating itself for featuring a 16-year-old black kid from the South Bronx who's a brilliant scholar-athlete. Instead, director Gus Van Sant plays it matter-of-fact and totally real, casting a nonactor (Rob Brown) as Jamal, a basketball player and gifted student whose writing talent is nurtured by a famously reclusive author. William Forrester (Sean Connery) became a literary icon four decades earlier with a Pulitzer-winning novel, then disappeared (like J.D. Salinger) into his dark, book-filled apartment, agoraphobic and withdrawn from publishing, but as passionate as ever about writing. On a dare, Jamal sneaks into Forrester's musty sanctuary, and what might have been a condescending cliche--homeboy rescued by wiser white mentor--turns into an inspiring meeting of minds, with mutual respect and intelligence erasing boundaries of culture and generation.
Comparisons to Van Sant's Good Will Hunting are inevitable, but Finding Forrester is more honest and less prone to touchy-feely sentiment, as in the way Jamal and a private-school classmate (Anna Paquin) develop a mutual attraction that remains almost entirely unspoken. The film takes a conventional turn when Jamal must defend his integrity (with Forrester's help) in a writing contest judged by a skeptical teacher (F. Murray Abraham), but this ethical subplot is a credible catalyst for Forrester's most dramatic display of friendship. It's one of many fine moments for Connery and Brown (a screen natural), in a memorable film that transcends issues of race to embrace the joy of learning. --Jeff Shannon

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April 19, 2008

April 19, 2008

The view from our host's home. In case your wondering, I found cheap flights from Athens to Norway, and so Tami and I took a detour en route to Wales and Ireland (for Spring Break) to reconnect with some distant relatives of mine... who were extremely generous and kind to Tami & I.



Flying out to Rome. Cheap flights all the way meant Ryanair, but everything ran smoothly, and I like the randomness of actually finding my way into Rome on arrival.

finding cheap flights

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